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Sanitary Napkin Destroyer Machine

Sanitary Napkin Destroyer Machine

Periods A hopeless cycle of torment

Sanitary waste transfer is not just an administrative issue. it’s a health and human rights issue that affects the entire country.More than 80 percent of this waste is either flushed down the toilet ending up dumped in a landfill.

Crisis about disposing napkins

As there is currently no standardized method of sustainable sanitary waste disposal, every menstrual product disposed contributes to either soil, air or water contamination. Any filthy clean sanitary item is a reproducing ground for contamination’s and sicknesses. Dormant menstrual blood aggregates microorganisms, for example, Escherichia coli, or E coli, which increase at a disturbing rate.

Battle bought by napkin disposal

Maintaining good and healthy menstrual hygiene is a fundamental one. More often a large number of women follows and use unhealthy menstrual hygiene products which in result produce spreading diseases. Hi-tech napkin incinerator machine in colleges, schools, factories, mills, company corporations, etc, are maintaining their premise clean & tidy and avoiding heavy expenses that they were spending in repair of bogs blockage. Due to cultural and social influences still menstruation remains impure in many regions. According to a report by WSSCC, waste has not been disposed in a proper manner.

Cleanliness amid periods

We are required to maintain hygiene in times of menstruation, it not only impacts the health but by proper maintain we can prevent our self from diseases like yeast infection , RTI(reproductive tract infection). The primary reason to prevent is changing pad frequently during periods. On listening to health experts, they advise saying sanitary napkin must to be changed once in four hours. But these cannot be summed up it is based upon their flow; one can experience heavy flow on other hand someone will have lighter flow it is based upon their own requirements.

sanitary napkin destroyer machine

Focus on napkin destroying

As the napkins are destroyed in public places which will result in polluting the atmosphere, and there are chances of emitting dangerous smoke. Since a ton of ladies following the bad practices on disposing it leads to major issues. Because of lack in periods pack embarrassment to step into washroom frequently and many young girls drop out their class during these days. There is less awareness on destroying napkins which leads to contamination of menstrual wastes. Sanitary framework needs to be implemented on throwing it by using the sanitary napkin disposal machine. To help women in upcoming their menstrual rituals safety steps are to be followed.

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