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Sanitary Napkin Incinerator Machine

Sanitary Napkin Incinerator Machine

Stop Burning NapkinsAn Immoral Habit.

Issues solved due to incinerator

Women generally suffer during menstrual periods they are in seek of sanitary pads which helps them to recover from stains, and there comes out the issue while disposing the pad in normal the waste are dumped into the dust bins , and they remain hidden over there. Once they are thrown into garbage area it becomes place to survive with irresistible bacteria and fungi, when workers are exposed to it they are easily affected with diseases like Tetanus. There is an innovation to the burden of disposing napkin is by having Sanitary napkin incinerator machine. It is just a great thing to reduce the work load of Man-eater.

Results if not incinerator is placed

As the menstrual hygiene kits i.e. napkin are made up of plastic they cannot decompose themselves naturally since it is a non-biodegradable product the interim solution bought is by having electrical incinerator which prevents spreading of virus and pathogens that produce disease. There is an improper practice in the urban areas burning of used napkins which is not a supportive method to destroy it. It is a huge relief in preventing the entire atmosphere. This machine can be placed anywhere inside the restroom and in public places too. This machine has come under with pollution control board certificate that the napkins are disposed to the heat under certain temperature that does not spoil the air, in return our space is said to be safe. The working progress is done with simple steps and includes auto power off mechanism. This machine highlights the positive and innovative solutions taken to address the challenges.

sanitary napkin incinerator machine

Perceive the need of incinerator

Menstrual hygiene management involves in addressing women about the behavioral activity during the time of periods, self-hygiene is does not mean that cleaning the body but it is by using neat sanitary products which is essential. If the napkins are not changed at regular interval the blood gets clot over there which cause vaginal infection to prevent it. The napkin must be changed frequently once four to five hours. It should be destroyed in the absolute place. There are toxic chemicals in disposed sanitary napkins which are exposed is not harmful only to the environment but also to the workers. The prolonged issue can be ended up by using napkin disposal machine. It gives answers to the effort behind in terms of time and physical strain. The napkin transfer can be easily done with the help of Sanitary napkin incinerator machine. The machine works automatically and destroys napkins, both scientifically and hygienically. The machine is provided with an auto cut-off function, which will turn it off automatically after incineration of the napkins. Installing the napkin destroyer will reduce the woes of the user, the manual labourer and the planet.

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