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Sanitary Pad Burner

Sanitary Pad Burner

Sanitary Protection Every Woman’s Right

Way to menstrual cleanliness

The term is just that describes about the ways and methods to be followed during periods. Menstrual hygiene is not all about cleaning our body but also by making sure to use neat pads to avoid infections. If the pads are said to be used for longer time it can cause severe diseases that leads to unfortunate life. Once women receive menarche it will be continuing till their menopause in mid of time they will be receiving their periods and they must get knowledge about it. What are all the methods to be pursued to prevent hazards and remedies to cure. The most common in occurrence is TSS, caused by bacterial toxins.

Centers around napkin obliterating

In recent times our government has involved in issues around disposing napkins, the initiative hinges on well to learn about the importance of safe discarding of sanitary pads. Apart from educating members from WISH Women Involved in Sanitation and Hygiene also taken steps by creating awareness about the waste disposal. Women had a ritual habit of covering the sanitary pad with polythene bags and dumping it in the bins and remaining in it. These unhygienic methods are hazardous to health and are an outcome of the taboo around menstrual hygiene, the fundamental lack of education or discussion around the subject. Sanitary pad burner is the area where to put the napkins which are non-bio degradable will not able to decompose on its own, it prevents soil from converting it to manure.

Potential about napkin disposal

The ideal way to dispose the napkin is by using the sanitary pad burner where it is helps in reducing the power consumption by the napkin incinerators. In order to fulfill the different needs of the customers, we have been fabricating the machines in different customize specifications. On using this machine we can avoid consequences of spreading diseases to the person who carrying the wastes and exploit to it. Adding on the machine comes with the certificate of PCB pollution control board that will ensure a pollution free natural environment.

sanitary pad burner

Savvy technologies to handle it

To solve the disposal issue of used sanitary napkins is by having the incinerators at our community. Hence it has various storage capacities people can choose according to their likes. It prevents from emitting foul odour and spreading it. If in need this can be moved to the place where it is necessary and converted as a portable machine. Process of incineration to a specific chamber and prevents it from entering the atmosphere. Sanitary pads should be destroyed immediately to avoid growing infectious pathogens; improper disposal needs to be demolished to make a survival area clean and tidy. If our surrounding area is perfect our country will be great. So it is said to be an essential one in our entire transmittable region.

Painful PERIOD and STRUGGLE for it gives existence and meaning to LIFE.

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