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Sanitary Pad Burning Machine

Sanitary Pad Burning Machine

Menstruation a despairing phase of Seclusion

Vulnerable situation caused due to improper sanitation

Sanitation plays a vital role in our body health. It comes out extra while in times of menstruation, self-hygiene keeps out our periods in easy way without stress and seclusion. In our country a higher amount of women have been following improper sanitation habits which cause an unhealthy surrounding. Due to wrong disposal of sanitary napkins i.e. by throwing it in water bodies, dumping in landfills that become a place for bacteria and virus to grow. Cramps are caused due to the congestion in the nerves in the back and legs, which occurs because blood flow to the genitals increase during the beginning of a period cycle. When waste collectors are exposed to these disposed wastes they have a high amount of risk in owing to ailments. Women in rural area use old rags and loincloths instead of using sanitary pad they cause UTI Urinary tract infection.

Hygienic menstrual Practices

The Poor menstrual hygiene in our country has been developed insufficiently acknowledged problem. A recent research confirms that with safe menstrual hygienic practices adolescents were less vulnerable to reproductive tract infections RTI. Menstruation is still considered as something unclean or dirty in our society, and it is strongly related with misconceptions and social emotions. The importance of menstrual hygiene is overlooked due to the lack of awareness. They are often forced to use ashes or husk sand during periods. Which leads to severe ailments like itches and rashes .Clean sanitary menstrual products should be used to survive with good stamina during those days too and pad should be frequently changed once in four to five hours.

sanitary pad burning machine

What will be the utilization of this machine?

The sanitary pad burning machine is very much useful and user-friendly it has been inbuilt with auto power off mechanism for reducing power consumption. This electrical incinerator is such a great innovation to mankind that reduces the work burden of garbage collectors and prey eaters. As this machine results in clean environment where there is no collection of garbage’s that will not spread irresistible syndromes. Sanitary napkin burning machine is a needed one in the place where a large amount of people are communicating for insistence apartments, railway stations etc., because it will cause embarrassment while disposing the napkins in public, if a machine is said to be placed it does not create problem in destroying it. It is easy to maintain and can meet the expense effortlessly. If the stained pads are flushed in toilets it will end in blockage and form messy zone that will result in the high amount for maintenance.

Women’s regular bleeding engenders phantoms

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