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Sanitary Napkin Burner

Sanitary Napkin Burner

Menstruation it is a beautiful Stain

Relevance of addressing Menstruation

Many of the improper menstruation practices have direct implications on reproductive health. Provision of sanitary napkins and adequate facilities for sanitation and washing should be made available with perspective. Low cost sanitary can be locally made and distributed particularly in rural and slum areas as these are the areas where access to sanitary products is said to be difficult. Our Government of India has approved a scheme to improve menstrual hygiene for 1.5 crore adolescent girls by distributing low cost sanitary napkins in rural areas under National Rural Health Mission- NRHM. However the scheme is in the pilot phase and a lot more needs to achieve in this regard. Poor assurance and lacking washing abilities may increase vulnerability to disease, with the smell of menstrual blood putting young ladies in danger of being stigmatized.

Impacts of dangerous practices

Menstruation, also known as a period, is a normal vaginal bleeding that occurs as a part of a woman’s monthly cycle. Menstrual management plays a dynamic role in women’s life. With menstrual hygiene management continues to be one of society’s greatest stigmas, only a few women in India have access to proper facilities to ensure hygiene, whereas the majority of them, particularly those in the rural areas, stay unaware of the scientific information of periods and hygienic health practices and still retreat to reusable unhygienic old rag during periods. Understanding how the cycle works and taking general steps during menstruation are extremely essential. Attentiveness should be brought among girls and women to overcome the periods and its seclusion. They must understand it is just a natural phenomenon and should not consider as impure one.

sanitary napkin burner

Initiatives taken by the Government on napkin disposal

As a part of making our environment clean, our government has taken initiative steps in concerning about the napkin disposal because it has been transformed into an issue that ruins the wealth of our nature. In most of the rural areas in our country women are not known about the hygienic menstrual practices. In an effort to promote proper disposal of menstrual waste and promote our country clean it’s imperative to take steps to promote menstrual hygiene and proper disposal of menstrual waste by creating awareness and encourages women to use electrical incinerators to dispose sanitary napkins. The UGC – University Grants Commission has asked universities across the country to consider installing sanitary napkin vending machine and incinerators for women students. The problem of improper disposal of menstrual waste is a major roadblock to achieve our aim i.e. to make our country clean, the commission has requested to install machines within the premises of girls/women hostels. On installing the napkin incinerators in institutions it will be a rescuer to prevent germs that spreading over the disposed sanitary pads.

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