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Sanitary Napkin Disposal Machine for Home

Sanitary Napkin Disposal Machine for Home

Education about Menstruation changes Everything

Menstrual Health in our Country

Napkin disposal in current condition has become a great issue. As many as sixty-two percentages of women in the country in the age group of fifteen to twenty four years still use cloth for menstrual protection .According to the survey by National family health survey (NFHS) were released recently, as per the report which apply to the year during 2015-16 a staggering 82% of women in Bihar still depend on clothes for protection during menstrual cycle. This situation is almost similar in Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh where the percentage of young women using cloth during their periods is eighty-one percentage in each state. The report surveyed the percentage of women who use hygienic methods during menstruation were used napkin or tampons. The survey results that forty-two percentages young women in the country used sanitary pads. Major part of women in rural areas did not use a sanitized method of menstrual protection with accordance to the survey it indicates that only 48% of those who live in rural area used sanitary napkins during their menstrual cycle as against 78% in urban area.

Indecorous follows during Menstruation

Unhygienic practices during menstruation have been accounted with use of unhygienic material for the absorption of period’s blood. Related to a study twenty-six percentages of women have been using unclean products like old rags and husk sand to absorb the menstrual flow. On using these products which may give rise to microbial growth. Unhygienic carry out during periods will result in Reproductive tract infection RTI. Some women may suffer from genital infections due to poor menstrual hygiene, which could lead to infertility. Pelvic infections may also cause heavy periods. Though the period flow may be heavy or less sanitary napkin should be changed frequently once four to five hours. An unclean napkin carried for long time can cause allergic reaction leading to irritation and itching. Accumulated sanitary pad can harbour microorganisms and cause infection.

sanitary napkin disposal machine for home

Understanding the need of disposal machine

A menstrual habit is considered as important activity in life span of women. Because hygiene methods during periods can cause impact in women and society too. Sanitary napkin disposal is a main barricade to maintain our country clean, as there is not a proper management to destroy the menstrual waste these napkins are get dumped in the garbage area or buried in landfills which completely ruin the wealth. The wiser step to dispose the napkins is by using sanitary napkin incinerators. This machine destroys the napkin and turned to ash which prevents in spreading of infectious germs in the surrounding areas. It is also said to be needed at home to dispose the napkins at an appropriate place. To conserve the natural wealth of our environment we must take initial steps by having the sanitary napkin disposal machine for home at our residences.

Menstruation is a cycle , not a curse. It’s natural, PERIOD!

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