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Sanitary Pad Disposal Bins

Sanitary Pad Disposal Bins

Periods – the ability of overcoming Stress

Exertion to promote napkin disposal

Despite having proper mechanism of disposing waste people in urban areas throw the menstrual waste in the dustbins without segregating it, where, the ragpickers segregate the waste by themselves and at the end it ends up going to the landfills.” In view about the women in rural areas end up throwing the menstrual waste in the water bodies, farms, fields, some just burn it in the open due to lack of routine garbage pickups. Government has taken steps in providing electrical incinerators to ensure proper disposal of menstrual waste. Most of sanitary pads are either directly deposited with the other wastes or are packed separately in plastic bag, which doesn’t make much of a difference as we have to use our hands to segregate the waste. Infections, irritation and itchiness have become a regular part of our lifestyle and sanitary waste is a major cause.

Significance behind the Disposal Machine

The menstruation has already become a taboo in our country and this makes it all more difficult to convince people to dispose their sanitary waste in a certain way. Our country generates up to one billion non – degradable sanitary napkins waste every month this issue must be acknowledged and awareness should be created. Lack of menstrual hygiene or the improper disposal of sanitary waste is causing havoc in the environment. The sanitary pad disposal bins has become a solution to discard the napkin which does not contaminate the surrounding territory. While it is exposed to the waste bins they are get piled up in the garbage area and pads are collected by the waste pickers getting chance of diseases that results in unhealthy.

sanitary pad disposal bins

Keen advancements included

Menstrual hygiene matters, a resource for improving menstrual hygiene around the world. Disposal of soiled sanitary napkins either on work area or in school / college premises is a concern for female student’s . AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) ensure the availability of napkin incinerators besides providing safe and eco-friendly disposal of used pads through sanitary napkin incinerator. Sanitary pad disposal bins has been developed with smart technology to overcome the issue of throwing it in the bins and contaminating in the landfills. This machine is operated with help of electrical power supply once the napkins are inserted it can able to burn them in a minute and convert it to ash. That can be cleaned easy. It is functioning with auto cut-off mechanism which is said to off once the work is said to be done and reduces power consumption. This machine has become an mandatory one in schools, colleges, hospitals and public places like bus station & so on.

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