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Sanitary Napkin Burning Incinerator

Sanitary Napkin Burning Incinerator

Intelligent way to destroy napkin – Sanitary Napkin Burning Incinerator

Benefits if burning incinerator is placed

In our country there are about nine thousand tons of sanitary napkin has been disposed annually. The question has been arisen are that the napkins are disposed in a safe way which does not harm the environment and being people in. but the result is shocking because these sanitary pads are not destroyed in a proper way where those are scattered away in the ground, buried in the landfills or floating in the water bodies. There are enormous chances of spreading infectious diseases from these soiled sanitary napkins. We might have to undergo some proper practices in disposing the sanitary pads. It can be done by using the sanitary napkin burning incinerator. This machine has been designed under the principle of incinerators. This burning incinerator is comes in several specifications in accordance with satisfying people’s need. On placing this burning incinerator machine it will be able to create a pollution free hygienic environment. It is our obligation to protect and safeguard our planet.

Myth related to Menstruation

Approximately half of the world’s population experiences menstruation. A survey which was conducted in the year of 2017 states world’s population is about 7.53 billion people, of which 3.73 billion are female, where all of them will go through menstruation cycle in which the uterus sheds bleeds through vagina. It occurs every twenty eight days and period flow will last for four to five days might vary. But culture around the world still considers menstruation as an impure one. This thought must be eradicated among people awareness must create. In many part of our country women are isolated during the time of menstruation. This should be avoided as they need care and affection in such time, gender discrimination is should not be followed. Such taboo around periods impact on girl’s emotional state, life style and mainly on health. Menstruation is a natural phenomenon unique to girls.

Urging steps to conserve Environment

Napkin disposal is major hindrances which affect our nature wealth. As we don’t not have a proper waste management process it must be stabilized that wastes should be disposed in a proper manner. As an initial step Government has decided to collect the waste from people only when it is segregated. Because when the rag pickers segregate waste with their bare hands they are directly exposed to virus and bacteria such as E-coli, and they are easily influenced to diseases like typhoid and tetanus which results in absence to work. To terminate this issue sanitary napkin incinerator must be placed in public places like airport, bus station, hospitals and corporate companies, which prevent our nature and save the atmosphere. As these machines massively reduces the work burden of scavengers.

sanitary napkin burning incinerator

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