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Sanitary Pad Destroyer Machine

Sanitary Pad Destroyer Machine

Perfect Choice to Destroy Pads – Sanitary Pad Destroyer Machine

Threatening practices of napkin disposal

Sanitary pad disposal has been turned out into a threatening activity that spoils the natural wealth of our atmosphere. A shocking survey which is released recently states that every year there about 9000 tonnes (i.e. four hundred and thirty two million pads) of sanitary waste has been disposed. Sanitary disposal waste is a problem due to the material that is made up of plastics and super absorbent plastic gel which does not simply rot it is considered as a non -biodegradable product. As this pads are get dumped from the landfills and the oceans, they make a return in form of micro plastics and chemicals. These products take five hundred to eight hundred years to degrade. Degrade is simply known as breaking into very small pieces of plastic. Those small pieces might include in air we breathe and food we take. Just to think about the consequences of disposed sanitary napkins. In the earnestness to address sanitary waste, the government has promoted the use of is also known as destroyer machine. Grabbing this government order incinerators has been developed in various capacities according to the need of requirement in institutions.

sanitary pad destroyer machine

Significant stimulator driving the destroyer machine    

The sanitary pad are made up of a material which does not decompose naturally it will remain as the same which does not help to enrich the soil growth. So to conclude the issue of disposing sanitary pads is by using the sanitary pad destroyer machine it is a great advance to the workers who collect the garbage’s from different areas as they are directly involved in to the waste by which they are easily influenced by bacteria and harmful micro-organisms spread diseases like tetanus and typhoid. Disposal pads falls under the category solid waste management rules. People in rural area the problem of disposal is complicated because in absence of napkin disposal machine the pads are burnt or thrown away into water bodies the same place where they bath. These hazardous practices also cause water pollution that we use in day-to-day life. Awareness must be created among people and they must acknowledge the need of sanitary pad destroyer machine which will prevent our precious planet from pollution and remain green.

Ailments due to unhygienic menstrual practices

Menstrual hygiene is one of the most important yet neglected issues in our country. A normal woman will have periods till at the age of 45 to 55 they should have proper knowledge about menstruation cycle. A woman must be careful while in her menstrual period and keep in mind about her menstrual hygiene. They must change their sanitary napkins three or four times a day during the period of menstruation especially in first three days of period. The major amount of women uses old rags. This practice is responsible for significant proportion of illness and infections associated with female reproductive health.

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