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Sanitary Pad Incinerator Machine

Sanitary Pad Incinerator Machine

Clever choice to dispose napkins – Sanitary Pad Incinerator Machine

Healthy attitude towards menstruation

Menstruation is private and matters to our girls and it should matter to everyone, everywhere. A supportive environment is essential for women to access the menstrual needs. Parents, siblings, community members have a strong impact on how girls perceive and manage their periods. Negative and harmful menstruation related to social norms and taboo can affect our culture and it should be addressed in order to ease long term consequences. In our country there are about 120 million young girls which is nearly ten percentage of the population. A girl menstruates on average for five days in a month, twelve months a year and the cycle continues on still she reaches menopause time. Menstruation is normal and healthy progress in women’s life but still many of girls across rural areas struggle to manage this monthly occurrence. It should be carried out in a healthy manner and they must aware of hygienic menstrual practices like choosing their sanitary kit and disposing the menstrual waste in incinerators on following these methods will lead to take menstruation in a positive way.

Precipitate action in absence of incinerator

The issue of menstrual hygiene is inadequately acknowledged and has not received proper attention. Use of sanitary pads and disposing it also matters. An unhygienic menstruation practice directly implies the society where most of the people carry out immoral hygiene habits. Sanitary pads are not disposed in a proper way where they are simply thrown out in the garbage area and buried in landfills or floating in water bodies. As these sanitary napkin are not made up of degradable products which they can decompose it on its own. They are considered as non-biodegradable which cannot break up into small pieces. It will be around for about five hundred to eight hundred years if these are said to be continued a major part of the area will be covered by this soiled sanitary pads. If the napkins are flushed down in the toilet that will lead to block in drainage where water will be stagnated and it will create an unclean surrounding also spreads diseases and requires a large sum of money to recovery it.

sanitary pad incinerator machine

Infections spread due to disposed napkins

Ever growing menstrual waste has become a threat not only for women but for the whole society. When the used napkins block the drainage it is the maintenance workers who have to make it ready with their bare hands are exposed to diseases spreading bacteria like streptococcus pyogenes. Also when the disposed napkins in the garbage area are dumped and it is collected by the waste pickers they are directly influenced to diseases like diarrhea and also cause skin infections as these sanitary pads which might be carrying pathogens and harmful microorganisms. As these napkins are remain in the land for longer period will spoil the soil richness we should get rid of these habits.

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