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Sanitary Napkin Dispenser

Manage your Menstruation with Sanitary Napkin Dispenser

Prominence of having napkin dispenser

A girl should not be isolated because her dress is stained we should make the availability of sanitary napkin dispenser machine everywhere to access the napkins easily. This machine helps them to be free on those hard days. It is very essential to have the dispenser machine at any location to avail the napkins at in need of time without any struggle, it makes them to manage their menstruation cycle easier and also promote the clean and hygienic menstrual management. Periods can be occurred in the regular interval basis (twenty eight days) the flow will last for about five to six days. Napkins must be changed often once four to five hours, though the flow is heavy or low. In order to prevent the spreading of infections caused by stagnate blood over the napkin because it will provide diseases like reproductive tract infections. Efforts must be made to create awareness about the importance of menstrual hygiene and the problems caused by it.

Initiative taken by Government

Menstruation is being normalised in our nation. In the urgency to address menstruation, in common places. Government has taken several steps regarding this, as an initiative Sanitary napkin vending machines have been placed in a number of schools and colleges, the napkin dispenser machine in the premises is a blessing for young girls and women as they feel embarrassed to ask for a sanitary napkin in common so to avoid this problem. The napkin can be taken through this dispenser machine at any time to sum up the menstrual emergencies it is very easy to operate the machine and can manage their periods without stress and depression. UGC University Grant Commission has asked the universities to install napkin vending machines and incinerators to create eco-friendly environment. The first vending machine was installed in Jnana Bharathi University at Bangalore campus. Awareness must be created among people and the need of this machine should be realised, the purpose is to encourage safe and hygienic practices among the girls and women.

Celebration on Menstruation

Menstrual hygiene management is the term derives how to manage their periods with safe and hygienic menstrual practices; it is to highlight the importance of proper menstrual management. It was initiated by German based NGO WASH in 2014. Menstrual Hygiene Day was celebrated on 28th of May, the reason behind in this date is, the period will occur on regular interval in twenty-eight days and the flow will last for five days and so it is. It helps to create awareness about the safe menstrual practices and to eradicate the myth and taboo surrounding the periods. Many NGO’s have been participating in this event and programmes have been conducted regarding about the menstrual management. Poor menstrual hygiene management can result in disease like Urinary tract infection, this can be prevented by following hygienic menstrual practices.

sanitary napkin dispenser
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