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Why do schools need Sanitary Napkin Incinerators?

Why do schools need Sanitary Napkin Incinerators?

Why does a school need Incinerators?

Necessity of napkin incinerator

Menstruation is a normal process unique to adolescent girls and women. Many of the girls drop out their studies due to, once they attain puberty it is because they find difficult to manage their menstruation because there is a lack of sanitation. This thought must be wipe out from the girls and their parents. The education about menstruation should be educated among all awareness must be raised and learn how to manage their periods in a clean and sterile way. We must learn how to dispose the sanitary napkins in a proper way without spoiling the atmosphere. The disposal of sanitary pad is a major problem because there are about nine thousand tons of napkins have been disposed yearly if it continues the most of the area will be covered by it. People must have knowledge about the disposal of napkins as it causes numerous problems to society and to the mankind. The disposed napkins create a space for pathogens to thrive in it and spread infectious diseases.

Myriad prevention due to incinerator

We follow abhorrent practices in disposing napkins. Sanitary waste is a problematic issue because these napkins are non-biodegradable that which do not decompose it naturally and break into small pieces. These pads take solidly about eight hundred to nine hundred years to break into pieces. In our country there is no standardised method of sanitary waste disposal currently because when the disposed napkins are dumped in the waste bins these are collected by the collectors as they done with their bare hands they are directly exposed to the microorganisms and easily influenced to ailments like diarrhoea, this result in absence. In order to prevent such problems the only solution is by having the sanitary napkin incinerators because this machine has come up with smart technology where the disposed napkins are inserted into this machine that will turn the napkin into ash which does not allow the place for bacteria and viruses to grow in it. The incinerator is also protecting them from dispersing of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere because the napkins are heated at a particular temperature. Also enrich the wealth of soil by not allowing the disposed sanitary napkins to bury in the ground.

why do schools need sanitary napkin incinerator

Why does a school need incinerators?

As of saying our nation’s strength is depended in the hands of youth. There must not be any obstacle to them in their education. In our country most of the girls left their schools because of their menstruation is due to absence of hygienic sanitation facilities, adolescent girls must aware about their periods parents and teachers should guide them to act in the respective time. Hygienic menstrual habits is essential for their progressive health this needs to followed by changing the napkins frequently once four to five hours, as they can prevent themselves from TSS and these disposed napkins should be deposited in the incinerators to create a clean surrounding premises.

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