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Why is a Sanitary Napkin Incinerator So Important?

Why is a Sanitary Napkin Incinerator So Important?

Importance of Sanitary Napkin Incinerator

Innumerable avoidance behind the incinerator

Most of the traditional practice in our country has become a hindrance in saving our atmosphere. The top most habit of this problem is disposing the sanitary waste. There is a lack of knowledge to the people in regard to it. In our country there are about three hundred and thirty-six million women menstruating in India, there are about thirty six percentages of women use sanitary napkin i.e. about one hundred and twenty one million women.

why is a sanitary napkin incinerator so important ?

The number of sanitary napkin used conservatively at a year implies about 12.3 billion sanitary pads are disposed which are not biodegradable. The sanitary pads are made up of combination of plastic which does not decompose on its own and break into small pieces. As these napkins are dumped in the bins at home emits a foul odour and creates an unpleasant atmosphere. These can be shredded away by the pets and disperse the germs. To control this method and precaution of scattering diseases in the surrounding area can be prevented by having the incinerator. The sanitary napkin incinerator machine destroys the napkin in a safe way which does not harm the nature. It is a fundamental one in all the places where it acts as a saviour to the mankind and especially to our planet.

Health issues due to disposed sanitary wastes

Poor menstrual management and improper disposal of sanitary wastes lead to a various medical complication, raising awareness on menstrual management and breaking the silence and stigma around menstruation on the issue of safe disposal and to promote the cleanliness about our country. As the disposed sanitary napkins carry infectious bacteria like E-coli that causes hepatitis. When the soiled napkins are dumped in the waste bins and handed over to waste collectors they segregate the waste with their bare hands, and so they are easily exposed to diseases. A number of people flush down the sanitary products in the toilets often leads to clogging in the sewerage and drainage system. This results in stagnate of water and creates a filthy area around it. Where the microorganisms create a place to survive and shred the harmful hazards not only to the human but also to society.

why is a sanitary napkin incinerator so important ?

Hygienic menstrual management is essential because it plays a fundamental role in the reproductive health. Unhygienic sanitation during periods may result in Reproductive tract infections which may lead to infertility. Personal hygiene not only meant cleaning the body, but also following the clean and safe menstrual practices.In rural areas there is a lack of understanding about sanitary waste, as they just throw away the napkins in water bodies where they used to bathe, the toxins containing in the disposed pads may lead to some serious skin infections. These methods should not be followed in order to safeguard us and it is also our primary responsibility to protect our nature.

Menstruation is an ordinary physiological wonder that women and adolescent young ladies experiences each month

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