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What is the best way to dispose of sanitary pads?

What is the best way to dispose of sanitary pads?

Best way to dispose of sanitary pads – Sanitary Napkin Incinerator

Social hazards of disposal sanitary pads

The disposal sanitary pads have become a major road block in conserving the nature. The disposable sanitary napkins are made of mainly plastic and synthetic chemical components. These are not only hazardous to health but also to the environment as an average sanitary pad after disposal would stay in the environment for 500 years before it starts to degrade. With rising awareness about the sanitation side of menstruation, waste generation of disposable sanitary products has also increased. It is very important that the right means of disposal is adopted to prevent environmental stress on land and water.

what is the best way to dispose of sanitary pads ?

Most of the people were not aware of the consequences that disposed sanitary napkins will lead to. Hence we follow improper habits such as, when the used pads are dumped in waste bins it emits a foul odour and creates an unpleasant atmosphere it also shredded away by the pets at home there is a chance of dispersing of parasites through it an unhealthy surrounding zone is formed. When these sanitary pads are flushed down in the toilets it results in clog of sewage and drainage system and the water has been stagnated it also creates a space for microorganism to flourish in it. To make the disposal of sanitary napkins easier, incinerators must be used.

Finest way to dispose sanitary pads

The sanitary waste disposal causes an environmental impact in current circumstances. There are about four hundred and thirty two million pads are generated annually in our country, it can able to cover landfills spread over 24 hectares. As these pads are made up of non-biodegradable materials that they cannot decompose on it’s own, which ruins the soil wealth also will not permit to enrich. In some places the disposed sanitary napkins are thrown in water bodies the toxins containing in the stagnated blood will lead to water pollution. The finest way to dispose sanitary waste is by using the sanitary napkin burning incinerator.

The availability of napkin incinerator has been increased in schools, colleges and corporate offices where the young girls can easily deposit the trash inside it because they cannot carry and feel embarrassed until they finds a bin. It develops a healthy environment in the premises. As this sanitary napkin incinerator destroys the napkins in a speedy time and turn them into ash, which prevents in emitting the harmful toxin into the atmosphere. Government has taken initiative in providing the incinerators to various institutions in concerning about the natural wealth of our country. The incinerators also need to fix in public places like bus stations, airport and shopping malls. These incinerators have hugely reduced the work burden of man eaters and helps in conserving our nature environment. We must protect our planet it is our a primary responsibility.

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