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Which is the best and most eco-friendly way to dispose sanitary napkin?

Which is the best and most eco-friendly way to dispose sanitary napkin?

Best way to dispose napkin – Sanitary Napkin Incinerator

Apprehension about the improper sanitation

Menstruation management in rural and urban areas in our country remains to be hidden and authorities staggering out the way to dispose the amount of sanitary waste generated every month. They find it as an inconvenient one while disposing the sanitary pads because there is no proper management to discard the waste in an apt place. Sanitation also includes in waste managing, we must have a perfect place to discard the soiled napkins there come the incinerators a wise choice. This incinerator is developed with smart technology where the napkins are said to be converted into ash in a speedy advance of time, while the disposed sanitary napkins contain blood and body fluids they are stagnated for long time and creates a place for bacteria and viruses to rise in it.

In rural areas the sanitary kits are seemed to be a luxury product, where they cannot afford easily. In such case they use old rags, bamboo fibre and husk sand to absorb the aunt flo. It refers to unhygienic sanitation which can cause rashes and itchiness. There is a lack of sanitary napkin incinerator machine in most of the common places like bus station, airport and corporate offices which do not have a proper disposal method to drop the sanitary napkins. Where they are dumped in the waste bins or flushed down in the toilets this causes an unhealthy environment.

Finest and sustainable ways to dispose napkins

Disposal of sanitary waste is though more a health and hygienic issue, there about 336 million girls and women experience menstruation in India which means approximately 121 million of women are using disposable sanitary napkins. This counts about 432 million pads are being generated annually in our country. If these pads are accumulated in a respective area consequently the results will be definitely harmful to people, and also to our nature. In urging to this government has taken some serious steps in disposing the sanitary napkins.

The order has been bought to effective in practical life that wastes must be segregated into degradable and non-degradable before they are thrown. The best and eco-friendly way to dispose the sanitary napkin is via sanitary napkin incinerator. As an endeavour Government has offered multiple incinerator machines to institution on realizing the effect of disposed sanitary napkins. The incinerator has been also installed in court, creates a healthy surrounding also prevents the hazardous habit of disposing napkins and acts as a rescuer in protecting the environmental nature. Thus, the sanitary napkins are non-biodegradable product which does not decompose on its own; it remains for about five hundred to eight hundred years which is a hindrance to soil wealth. The best choice is disposing the sanitary napkins in the incinerator where the napkins are destroyed under a particular temperature which does not spread harmful toxins in the atmosphere and saves our precious planet.

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