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Automatic Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

Automatic Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

Automatic Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine Privilege for Women

Significance of automatic napkin vending machine

Getting sanitary pads at the right time is seems to be very essential. Menstrual emergencies can be managed with the help of this machine. Many women might suffer from irregular periods, so the periods date are not same every month. In such days the napkin vending machine will save us from the embarrassment for seeking napkins. It avoids the inconvenience they face for not having a sanitary napkin handy during the days of menstruation. This machine helps to keep them neat and clean by changing their pads frequently once four to five hours in order to prevent from Urinary tract infection (UTI).

Efforts have been made to raise awareness about menstruation and its practices. Meanwhile many NGO’s have contributed the sanitary napkin vending machines to various institutions that form a healthy surrounding area. It also reduces the risk factor of women being used old rags, husk sand and ashes to absorb their aunt flo. The machine helps to access the sanitary napkin anywhere at any time at affordable cost. It also displays the stock of napkins to be presented inside the machine.

automatic sanitary napkin vending machine

Hygiene Radicalised about napkin vending machine

The vending machine is a valuable one to the womenfolk. Borrowing napkin is a complicated one it can be overcome by having the sanitary napkin dispenser. It provides us the napkins at our needy time to meet up menstrual emergencies, since women cannot carry the napkin at all time. Most of the girls drop out their studies once they attain puberty it is because they feel difficult to handle the menstruation and there is also lack of sanitation facilities. It must be wiped out and hygienic menstrual practices should be followed, education about menstrual management and its consequences should be known by all. In most of the rural area’s menstruation is considered as a taboo and the methods they carry out to absorb the menstrual blood might result in harmful effects.

The vending machine must be placed in institutions like school, college by fixing this machine young girls can carry out their studies without any struggle and can easily handle their periods without any hesitation. It also should be placed in public places like bus stations, airport and shopping malls. The automatic sanitary napkin vending machine has come up with a technology which that can accepts multiple coins simultaneously and provides the napkin, also displays the storage capacity of the napkin which will create an alert to re-fill the machine with the napkins. This machine tends to be most useful so that they can have their periods stain free. The sanitary napkins should be also disposed in the right place which does not spoil the environment and produce diseases. These vending machines can be easily fixed inside the latrine, so they can easily avail the napkins in need of time that reduces a huge stress.

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