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What is Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine?

What is Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine?

Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine Solace for Women

Welfares if vending machine is placed

The sanitary napkin vending machine brings relief to women and girls during menstrual emergencies. It creates privacy space and independence to access the napkins. They don’t feel embarrassed to ask for a napkin in common places, which they can avail through the vending machine. Girls must get habituated to use the sanitary napkin for better health care. As per the study in our country percentage of women use sanitary napkin is lesser compared to the women and girls in rural areas. They avoid using toilets in fear of sanitation and get stained due to it. There is a lack of knowledge about menstruation and its management alertness must be raised among young girls .Hygienic menstrual practices plays a vital role in reproductive health and it should be followed to carry  menstruation in an ease way. There is a potential loss to our country on economic and social wise it is because girls drop out their school due to menstrual health issues.

Privileges of Vending machines

The vending machine seems to be such a big boom to women, because many of the girls undergo irregular periods so the date can be varied. In such circumstances they won’t have napkin handy to tackle this there comes a sanitary napkin vending machine a perfect one. Carrying a napkin and travel to restroom is such a secretive trip in front of all. If there is a napkin vending machine they can easily vend napkin based on the need and it dodge pressure about the periods. It avoids fear and stress about menstrual cycle which is an ordinary physiological process every woman undergo in a regular cycle of twenty eight days.

what is sanitary napkin vending machine ?

Realities about periods

Periods is a special wonder experienced by women and adolescent girls. Menarche is usually received at twelve and fifteen years of age. They receive monthly in a regular cycle of twenty eight days; the period flow will lasts for about five to seven days. Most of the women experience symptoms prior to menstruation such as acne, feeling tired and mood changes. The average volume of menstrual blood during a monthly period is thirty five millilitres which consists of blood, cervical mucus, vaginal secretions and endometrial tissues. There are several disorders along with periods if there is an excessive pain during periods is known as dysmenorrhea. Some might have irregular periods and in other hand there is also short duration of menstruation received by some percentage of women. Effective education programs are fundamental to providing children and adolescent girls with clear and accurate information about menstruation. In rural areas there is a challenge in addressing myths regarding the menstruation is further compounded by the knowledge levels and the reproductive health are very low. Menstrual hygiene plays an important role in their health.

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