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Napkin Burner

In our Country, sadly the silence surrounding the taboo subject of menstruation bars access to such Life saving information for lakh of girls. The superstitions and awkwardness associated with periods, Stop girls form washing and drying cloth pads in the sun. This leads to life-threatening infections. These problems occurs when the sanitary napkins are not changed frequently and using it for overnight.  The timely knowledge about hygienic habits to practices and products to use during periods could save lot of women and girls life.

The silence can be ended by making quality menstrual healthcare products accessible to every girl in our country. Napkin burner comes first, which turned out as an essential feminine hygiene product. The cleanliness habits must start from each individual so that it can be transformed to a group. When the soiled napkins are dumped in the bins, it creates a ground for harmful bacteria’s to thrive in it and make an unhealthy surrounding area. This also adds work burden to the house keepers and, they are affected to diseases like diarrhea. It results in absence to the work.

Many of the girls drop out their studies because there is a lack of sanitation facilities. Thus, they couldn’t deal with those tough days. Where most of the educational institutions fail to meet. As there is no proper disposal system has been setup to discard the wastes. These problems are solved with the help of Sanitary napkin burner. In some cases the napkins are flushed down inside the toilet. That creates turmoil in the drainage system, and it requires a solid amount to repair it. By placing the napkin burner the napkins can be scorched easily in the way does not make any harm to the environment.

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