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Napkin Disposal

Napkin Disposal

Napkin disposal is still remains as a great challenge in higher rate in the rural areas. Where most of the women are not aware of menstrual hygiene and its paybacks. Hygiene is not only meant cleaning the body, but also following by the clean habits in disposing the wastes that do not make harm to environ. The recent survey states there are about 36 million women in our country is using sanitary pads. And, the amount of menstrual waste generated is double the ratio. Just think of the consequences of these waste could cover over a ton of the area.

As the sanitary napkins are made up of non-biodegradable product. They remain in the earth for about 500 to 800 years; it cannot be able to break into small pieces to decompose. That will be a great barrier to the soil enrichment and ruins the wealth of the soil. In some cases, they burn the napkins it is also not right way to destroy the napkins. When the napkins are burnt it releases the toxic gases that affect the atmosphere.

The awareness must be raised among the people to destroy the menstrual wastes properly, and it also promotes their health i.e. by changing the napkins frequently once every four hours. It is possible by having sanitary pad destroyer machine. This machine has built-in with the latest technologies that used to destroy the napkins and turns out into ash which does not make any kind of pollution. It works under the principle of Incinerators that the napkins are burnt under certain specified temperature. It is the feasible way to dispose the sanitary napkins.

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