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Sanitary Napkin Incinerator

Sanitary Napkin Incinerator

Women’s skin is the most vulnerable, so they are prone to a lot of bacteria and viruses during their menstrual period. As they are said to be weak they can be easily influenced to diseases. There are around 107 bacteria can reside on the surface per cubic centimeter on a common sanitary napkin. If these napkins are used for a longer period they are mostly affected by Reproductive Tract Infection – RTI. Because during menstruation the skin of the women’s sensitive part is most vulnerable. A survey indicates that 73% of the women would feel itchiness and pain on some parts of the skin.

It is recommended by the doctor’s to change the pads regularly four to five hours once. So that they can be prevented from vaginal infections, endometritis, etc. There comes out the problem when the sanitary wastes are disposed of. No proper waste management system has been handled to work it out. Mostly the napkins are buried in the landfills or thrown in the water bodies. The incinerator machine is the only apt solution for disposing the sanitary napkin.

As the sanitary napkin incinerator works in a speedy advance of time and has auto cut-off option with it that does not consume much amount of power. The quantity of napkins to be deposited in the machine varies according to the customer’s specification. It is available in the floor type and wall mountable. This product in turned out as an essential one most widely in schools, colleges, hostels, hospitals, and bus stations. It helps to keep our encompassing area clean and tidy. It highly reduces the burden of man eaters.

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