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Sanitary Pad Destroying Machine

Sanitary Pad Destroying Machine

Improper disposal of napkins is a foremost environmental issue. Disposal of sanitary napkins in drains has led to fast spread of diseases. When it creates a clog it allows the water to stagnate that becomes a space for microorganisms to flourish in it. By which it can spread infectious diseases that make an unhealthy surrounding area. These results in absence to work and also requires a large amount to repair it.

Menstrual hygiene defines about the practices that every woman must follow during their menstrual period. To overcome those tough days easier, it also promotes their health and hygienic activities to be carried out. In most of the rural areas women are not aware of the consequences that this sanitary disposal will lead to. They are just dumped in the bins and handed over to the garbage collectors. From which the garbage collectors segregate the wastes directly with their bare hands. Thus, they are easily influenced by harmful bacteria like E-coli.

On realizing the need, Government orders installing Sanitary napkin incinerator in the premises of educational institutions and women’s hostel to the safely dispose of soiled napkins. The sanitary pad destroyer machine has been installed in the institutions, that makes the adolescent girls to carry away their periods easy and deposit the menstrual waste. And it’s not essential to carry the trash with her until she finds the bin. They will stop disposing the napkins in hidden areas or toilets. Through which the sanitation will be improved in and around the institutions.

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