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Sanitary Pads Disposal

Sanitary Pads Disposal

In our country, there are around 120 million adolescent girls that are roughly about 10% of the population of our country. A girl menstruates on an average about five days a month, 12 months a year, and the cycle carries on till she reaches menopause in 40-50 years. Periods are normal, and healthy, yet many girls across rural and urban place in our country struggle to manage this monthly occurrence. The statistics results 88% of girls and women who menstruate use unsafe materials. Still, there are 66% of girls are unaware of menstruation before their first period as they follow improper menstrual practices and tend to use unsafe materials like dry leaves and husk sand.

It makes absence to school and drop out their studies, because they feel difficulty to overcome those tough days. Over time, these negative effects add up, preventing a young girl from achieving her full potential and having a healthy, productive life. Disposal of sanitary pads is a major issue. This problem can be fixed out with the help of sanitary pad disposal machine. Were the used napkins are deposited and turns a out in the form of ash.

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