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Vending Machine for Sanitary Napkin

Vending Machine for Sanitary Napkin

Sanitary napkins are the hygienic option for millions of girls and women to manage their periods. The goal of Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) is to ensure that girls and women are able to manage their periods in a hygienic manner and experience health, education and other related benefits. To actualize this goal, we need efforts directed at awareness and education about menstruation and menstrual hygiene, and access to safe products, sanitation and hygiene.

There are still many girls and women use old rags to absorb their aunt flow. Even they tend to use ashes, dry leaves, and even husk sand. They feel the menstrual products are expensive and couldn’t afford by them. This thought can be eradicated, with the help of vending machine. Borrowing a napkin is seems to be a complicated one. It avoids the embarrassment to ask for the napkin in general. The napkins can be taken out from the vending machine easily just by inserting the coin into it. It is not necessary to look for others in search for the napkin.

By installing the sanitary napkin vending machine it prevents girls from getting their dress stained and avoids feeling awkward in the front of others. They can obtain the napkins based on their need. Napkins are said to be changed frequently once four to five hours to avoid diseases like Vaginal Infection. It is not possible to carry the napkin all time because the period date may differ based upon the hormonal changes, so the date could not be predicted. The vending machine for sanitary napkin helps them in the crucial time to meet up the menstrual emergencies.

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