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Sanitary Napkin Incinerator For School

Sanitary Napkin Incinerator For School

In general, the used sanitary napkin contains lot of bacterial and germs which can spread in air, staphylococcus aureus capable of spreading diseases like high fever and vomiting. Basically school children have less immunity power so there are possibilities of children getting affected by the spread of microorganisms. It results in absence to school and deviation in their studies. To boost up the Eco-friendly disposal of sanitary napkins, Incinerator is said to be must. The initiative of installing the sanitary napkin incinerator would impact adolescent girls by helping them build a hygienic habit. Thus, not disposing the napkins in open fields or dumping it in the hidden areas.

Used pads should be disposed proper as infected pads can carry infections like Sexually transmitted infections STI. An excessively wet pad is the place for microorganisms. This in turn, can cause reproductive tract infection and vaginal infections. It is mandatory to change the napkins respectively four to five hours once. There arises the issue while disposing out the napkins.

It can be arrested by placing the sanitary napkin incinerator. On placing the napkin incinerators in schools it helps to raise the grade of the institutions. Where it provides the basic hygiene facilities to the students. And develop a hygienic environment around it. Also, avoids the clog formed in the drainage and reduces the work burden of the cleaning staff. These incinerators can also be converted into portable incinerator that can be placed in the area in need off. The sanitary napkin incinerator comes out in a compact size so that can be fitted easily inside the restrooms and used it accordingly.

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