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Napkin burning machine for home

Napkin burning machine for home

It is imperative to address issues such as menstrual hygiene and sanitation in light of the associated health and environmental hazards. While menstruation itself continues to be a taboo subject, unhygienic use, and disposal of sanitary pads adds burden to society in respect of cleanliness. According to 2019 data in our country 121 million women use sanitary napkin that makes one billion pads per month, 12 billion a year. Pads cannot be buried as they are made up of non-bio degradable substances. It takes about 500-800 years for a sanitary pad to decompose.

It does not allow the water to enter into the ground and ruins the wealth of the soil. In other hand when the soiled napkins are collected by the rag pickers. They segregate the napkins with their bare hands by which they are easily influenced by harmful viruses, and directly exposed to diseases like hepatitis and HIV. It can be bought under control by placing the napkin burning machine. This napkin burning machine for home helps us to keep the surrounding area pollution free and protects the atmosphere from getting polluted by the toxins. It is our prime duty to conserve the nature and its resources.

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