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Sanitary Napkin Dispenser Machine

Sanitary Napkin Dispenser Machine

In current days women are working in major part of all sectors it is our prime obligation to provide basic sanitation facilities. By which they can work without stress. General, women feel down during her periods as she suffers from dysmenorrhea. Borrowing napkin in a common is a complicated process and taking out the napkin from the bag and travelling to restroom is seems to be such a secretive trip. To avoid this inconvenience sanitary napkin dispenser machine is the absolute choice.

It is said to be must change the napkins frequently four to five hours once, though the flow is heavy or low. As the damp pad makes the area for bacteria’s to flourish in it. Thus, results in diseases like vaginal infection. Large number of adolescent girls drop out their education due to a lack of hygiene facilities. Feel embarrassed when to ask for napkin in common. Napkin vending machine avoids such emotions to happen as they can get the napkins easily based on their need. It can be operated just by inserting the coin in the machine. These dispenser machines are most widely used in areas like schools, colleges, hostels, bus station and shopping malls.

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