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Sanitary Pad Dispenser Machine

Sanitary Pad Dispenser Machine

Menstrual cycle is undergoing by every girl and woman. Most of them keep themselves away from school and work. It puts them at risk Urinary Tract Infection UTI because of use of inferior quality products. Menstrual hygiene is an important part of women’s health. Menstrual hygiene day is celebrated on 28th may is to normalize menstruation, which all women experience and to raise awareness about periods as it plays an effective role in her reproductive health and the options available during one’s period. Sanitary pads are the most of the choice of all. But sanitary pads when used for long hours they can be itchy, uncomfortable and smell foul, creates path for infectious bacteria and microbes.

Sanitary pad dispenser machine makes them to feel comfort and come across their periods without worries. By which they can dispense the napkin of her choice depends on her flow, by inserting the coin into it. Napkin dispenser machine can also accepts token and multiple coins simultaneously based upon customers specification. The storage capacity of the dispenser machine also varies according to the number of people’s usage. Napkins can be refilled, and the remaining quantity of the napkins can be checked through the inspection window.

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