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Sanitary Pad Disposal

Sanitary Pad Disposal

According to a survey, around 1 billion non-compostable sanitary pads are being thrown in urban sewers, landfills, rural fields and water bodies in our country every month. It creates 113,000 tons of non-biodegradable menstrual waste annually that becomes a life threatening problem. Sanitary napkins are damaging environmental resources at triggering rate. This type of wastes stuck in the sewers and inhibits the water flow which makes an area for harmful microbes to develop in it. Which later give birth to many diseases like cholera and malaria. It takes hundreds of years to decompose. Initiatives have been taken towards the sanitary napkins’ disposal. It would prove equally or even more hazardous to health, and the environment.

Mostly women and girls are not aware of the issues after the disposal of sanitary pads. Those napkins are just thrown away in the open fields or buried in the landfills. Awareness must be raised among people about proper way of disposal and if not what were its consequences. It should be thrown out well on the way that does not make any harm to the environment and its resources. The wise way to discard napkin is by using the sanitary pad disposal machine.

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