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Pad Destroying Machine

Pad Destroying Machine

The problem of improper disposal of menstrual waste is a major roadblock to keep our country clean. Inappropriate disposal of menstrual waste is a life threatening problem. Used sanitary napkins that have not been disposed off properly every so often block the drainage system that requires a huge maintenance for renovation. Burning sanitary napkins causes harmful pollutants to be released into the atmosphere, and therefore not an environment-friendly solution to the problem. Women mostly dispose them in ways that are not hygienic.

Another problem of stored menstrual waste is the fact that menstrual blood on napkins stagnates for longer duration, thus allowing pathogens to increase in it. Stagnant menstrual blood adds a lot of bacteria such as Escherichia coli, which quickly multiplies at an exponential rate. It additionally emits a foul odour that creates unpleasant situation in the area. Piles of sanitary napkins with a large amount of disease causing microorganisms on them pose a major hazard to the cleanliness in the surrounding areas. Pad destroying machine is the ultimate solution for these causes to end. This machine helps them to dispose the wastes in an apposite place. That reduces the work burden of rag pickers and scavengers.

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