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Pad Incinerator

Pad Incinerator

Disposal of sanitary pads in our country is not done in the right way. Because there were not much knowledge about it. Burning the napkin is not an environment friendly method as they release harmful toxins in the atmosphere that causes pollution. Though the sanitary pads are made up of non-biodegradable substances that they cannot decompose on it’s own and remains for about 500 – 800 years. The finest way to discard the napkins is by using the pad incinerator. Pads are getting incinerated at a certain temperature which does not cause any effect that reduces the soiled napkins to ash.

Government has passed the order to all educational institutions by placing incinerators are must on realizing the need of it. Many adolescent girls drop out their education once they attain puberty as they feel hard to carry out those tough days in absence of sanitation facilities. It is our main responsibility to provide adequate hygiene products. By placing the pad incinerator it helps us to keep the encompassing territory clean and supports girls to pursue and fulfill their dreams, also promotes menstrual hygiene in them. The standard of the institution will be raised is an additional benefit of the incinerator.

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