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Sanitary Pad Dispensing Machine

Sanitary Pad Dispensing Machine

Menstruation is a normalized process that every woman undergoes in her lifetime. Those days seem to be most dreaded, as they are not aware of it. The homemade absorbent materials like old rags, dried leaves and husk sand are not considered as a feasible one. That makes the path way for Urinary Tract Infection. Approximately 88% of women in our country use homemade products to manage their aunt floe. The main reasons for using these products are lack of access to or affordability. And, lack of sufficient information about menstrual hygiene products. Cultural practices regarding menstrual cycle should not be encouraged.

It is our foremost responsibility to provide adequate hygiene facilities. Sanitary pad dispensing machine is the prime one. She can get the napkins at any place with the help of this machine. Napkins are said to be changed often four to five hours once. Even the flow is heavy or low. Using the same pad for over a day would be a likely chance of getting infected to TSS toxic shock syndrome. Pad dispensing machine makes them to feel comfortable and been a great boon that helps to carry out their daily chores without any hesitancy.

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