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Napkin Dispenser

Periods are said to be a hopeless cycle of torment, uneasiness, disgrace, tension and seclusion. She struggles to overcome those hard days. Seeking for a napkin in common makes her to feel awkward. Still, in many parts of our country menstruation is considered as an impure one, such thoughts must be changed among people. It is our foremost obligation to provide adequate hygienic facilities. Adolescent girls must be educated about what menstruation is said to be and the practices to be followed also includes the disposing method too.

By placing the napkin dispenser, one can get the napkin at any time just by inserting the coin. It is not required to seek for others. The menstrual cycle date may vary from and now it can’t be calculated. So, carrying the napkin with her all time is not convincible. Napkin dispenser is a timely help to women. It prevents her from getting the dress stained. Napkins should be changed regularly once four to five hours. Sanitary Napkin dispenser also accepts special tokens and multiple coins simultaneously according to customer’s specification. The capacity of the machine also varies based on the number of people’s usage. Napkins can be refilled and availability can be checked through the inspection window.

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