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Napkin Incinerator for Home Use

Napkin Incinerator for Home Use

Today the safe disposal of sanitary waste is the need of hour. Sanitary pads are generally disposed of with mixed waste or in a dry waste bin category of door-to-door waste collection if the facility is available. This again poses problems to sanitation staffs while segregating wastes with their bare hands as they are easily influenced by bacteria’s and exposed to diseases like cholera, typhoid. If the waste is simply buried at a landfill site, it poses health risks to rag pickers.

To avoid these problems, there come out the solution ” napkin incinerator”. These incinerator machines are available in home and women’s toilets in offices, schools, colleges and other public locations. The incinerator destroys the pad instantly. This, in turn, reduces plastic bag usage, avoid blockages in a toilet plumbing and avoids waterway pollution. Sanitary napkin incinerator is compact so, it can be fixed easily anywhere. The capacity of the machine also varies it is based upon pupil’s usage. Napkin incinerator reduces it into ash that does not cause any effect to the atmosphere. The need of incinerator has been realized by the Government and passed order to install incinerators in all educational institutions, hostels, hospitals, and apartments.

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