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Pad Destroyer Machine

Pad Destroyer Machine

In the current situation napkin disposal is the most important problem. According to the recent survey’s data there are about 12.3 billion of sanitary pads had being disposed yearly in our country. Just think about the consequences of these pads bring through. Disposal management is not stabilized in our country. As the napkins are just thrown in the open fields, buried in the landfills and thrown in the water bodies, were folks used to bathe. This spreads deadly microorganisms and cause severe diseases like diarrhea.

People must be aware of the effects which brings out via disposing the napkins. The better solution for destroying the napkins is through Sanitary pad destroyer machine. This machine works with smart intelligence and consumes less amount of electricity to work, automatically cut-off power once the work is said to be done. The pads deposited in the machine are converted into sterile ash which does not cause pollution to the atmosphere. The destroyer machines capacity varies according to the member’s usage, and it can be converted into portable machine, place where the need is. It helps to keep the encompassing region clean and hygiene were also reduces the work burden of garbage collectors.

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