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Sanitary Napkin Dispensing Machine

Sanitary Napkin Dispensing Machine

Menstruation is a regular natural process that every woman undergoes in her lifetime. But most of them are not aware of it. The education about menstrual cycle and the way to manage is much essential for girls to overcome. In our country mostly in rural areas’ awareness about menstruation is not spreader among women and adolescent girls. They consider menstruation is an impure one and keep them isolated during those days. On a major account they tend to use homemade absorbent materials like old rags, dry leaves and ashes to collect the menstrual flow. These are not considered as feasible methods as they can make way for Reproductive tract infection RTI.

The main reason is they consider the sanitary products are expensive and not much familiar to it. With the help of Sanitary napkin dispenser machine they can get the napkins anywhere at any time of her choice. It is our foremost duty to provide adequate hygienic facilities. It helps her to continue with her studies without any hurdles. Attendance percentage will be automatically increased. It is not required to seek for others to get the napkin. It is done just simply by inserting the coin in the machine.

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