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Sanitary destroyer machine

Sanitary destroyer machine

Disposal of sanitary pads in our country is still a very complex and serious issue as it carries a lot of taboos and social stigma with it. Lack of proper knowledge and regressive social practices have further contributed to the problems around the disposal. Because of the shame and stigma associated with it, many women avoid carrying used sanitary pads outside of toilets and prefer flushing it down the toilet or throwing it away. Stagnant menstrual blood also is known to accumulate bacteria such as Escherichia coli. It multiples at a higher rate and can spread quickly in the surroundings makes unhygienic.

The sanitary destroyer machine can be fit inside the restrooms as they are compact that is much convenient for girls to deposit the waste accordingly in the respective place. That helps to keep the environment neat and clean. These practices among women promote menstrual hygiene, which includes using hygiene sanitary products, and wise way of disposing it. This plays an effective role in their life. The destroyer machine works on the principle of incinerators. This machine is widely used in schools, colleges, ladies hostel and public places like to bus station, airport, shopping mall, etc.

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