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Sanitary Dispenser Machine

Sanitary Dispenser Machine

In our country widely in rural areas most of the girls drop out their education once they attain puberty. Because they feel difficult to handle those tough days. The main reason is lack of sanitation facilities which most of the educational institutions fail to meet. In general women and girls feel shy to ask for a napkin in common and borrowing the napkin is a complicated process. By having the sanitary dispenser machine such things can be avoided.

Using the same napkin overnight leads to severe problems like reproductive tract infection RTI. It is said to be change the napkins once four to five hours frequently. Awareness about menstrual hygiene must be raised among girls as they should know about the consequences of using unhygienic sanitary products and using the same napkin for a long time. With the help of sanitary napkin dispenser machine one can get the napkin of her choice at any time just by inserting the coin in the machine, and it is used in educational institutions, apartments, corporate offices, hospitals etc. This dispenser machine comes out in both automatic and manual types. It also accepts multiple coins simultaneously and special tokens to dispose the napkin.

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