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Pad Burner

Environmental impact caused by sanitary pad disposal is the most significant problem today. Four hundred and thirty-two million pads are generated in our country annually: The potential to cover landfills spread over 24 hectares. The microbes are developing at an enormous rate in the damp area in the wet napkin that spreads harmful diseases. When the napkins are flushed down in the toilet, it creates a clog in the sewage system, and water starts to get stagnated that requires a huge amount to repair it.

The pad burner machines reduces the work burden of manual scavengers, and have not required to bear the health cost for the same. These machines are available at an affordable price and compact that can be fixed inside the restrooms. The capacity of the machine varies based upon the people’s usage. Awareness must be raised among women about menstrual hygiene and must know the safety measures of disposing it. It is our foremost responsibility to provide sufficient hygiene facilities through which they can deposit their wastes without any hesitation and have not required carrying her waste until she finds a trash.

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