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Pad disposing machine

Pad disposing machine

Period and its practices are still encased by taboo and social constraints resulting in young girls remaining uninformed of the scientific facts and hygienic health practices. As they use unhygienic menstrual products, and unaware about it. The problem rises up when the menstrual wastes are not disposed appropriately. There is no proper sewage management system has been followed in our country. In such case it moreover adds problem to it. When the napkins are thrown in the field, bacteria’s multiplies at a higher rate.

Because stagnate blood over it makes to flourish. In other hand napkins are burnt while it emits harmful toxins and causes pollution in the atmosphere, affects environment and humans. It can be arrested by following the apt method to dispose the napkins. That is by using the pad disposing machine. Here, the sanitary pads are deposited, and they are said to be incinerated at a particular temperature and turns out it into form of ash, it does not cause any effect to the environment. This machine helps young girls and women to dispose her menstrual waste without any reluctant. As it fits accordingly in the restroom. Also, it reduces the work burden of manual scavengers.

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