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Sanitary napkins destroyer machine

Sanitary napkins destroyer machine

In our country women mostly in rural areas follow improper methods of sanitary disposal. Awareness about menstruation is not spreader widely among them. The napkins are just dumped in the bins and hidden finally handed over to the garbage collectors that are mixed up with other waste: they emit foul smell, and spread disease causing infectious bacteria in the surrounding area. The rag pickers segregate the wastes and categorize it with their bare hands, so they are easily influenced by the microbes and easily get affected to diseases like cholera, hepatitis.

When the napkins are buried in the landfills, they take about 500 – 800 years to decompose. As these napkins are made up of non-biodegradable substances that cannot decompose own and break into smaller particles. Attentiveness must be raised among people about the consequences of improper disposal of sanitary wastes and it can be controlled by following the suitable way. Sanitary napkin destroyer machine is the right place to deposit the menstrual waste. Order had been passed by our Government; installation of napkin destroyer machine is must in the educational institutions and public sectors on realizing its need. That helps girls to deposit the sanitary napkins and keeps the environment clean.

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