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Sanitary pads’ dispenser

Knowledge about menstruation to the girls in our country is comparatively less. Most of them get to know about it only after receiving her puberty. They feel that periods is something a difficult task and much worried about it. Around 60% of women diagnosed with common reproductive tract infection due to poor menstrual hygiene. It is because due to the usage of home-made products like old rags, cloth to make-do pads stuffed with ash, husk or sand. Hygienic menstrual products must be used.

Sanitary pads’ dispenser is the ultimate solution and an essential female hygienic product. Through this machine one can get the napkin of her choice at a reasonable price. This makes them to feel comfortable and carry out her daily chores without any obstacles. So, that the pads’ can be changed at a regular time interval. The napkin dispenser machine accepts multiple coins simultaneously and also special tokens. It comes out in both manual and automatic types. The coin acceptor can be modified according to the customer’s choice. The capacity of the machine varies based upon the storage of the napkins. Quantity of the sanitary pads can be viewed through the inspection window. And, can be refilled it.

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