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Sanitary Pads Incinerator

Sanitary Pads Incinerator

India’s sanitary waste issue is the most raising problem currently. Reason is an adolescent girl often grew up with limiting knowledge of menstruation and adults shy away from discussing the issues with them about it. Mostly the napkins are flush down in the toilets and it gets collapsed in the sewage system. Water starts to get stagnated this creates a place for microorganisms to thrive in it and spreads diseases in the surrounding area. Thus makes the region unhealthy.

It’s all due to the improper waste disposal management. They feel awkward to dispose the menstrual waste in common. It can be overcome by having the sanitary pad incinerator. This machine is compacted so that can be fixed easily inside the restrooms that the wastes are disposed properly. On the way that does not make any harm to the environment, and cause pollution. The pad gets incinerated and converts it into the ash that can be flushed out. It has turned out as an essential feminine hygiene product that are widely used in residential, schools, colleges, hostels, offices, and public spots like shopping centers, bus stations. The capacity of the pad incinerator can be varied based upon the member’s usage.

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