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Incinerator for Sanitary napkin

Incinerator for Sanitary napkin

Sanitary disposal is the most arising issue in our country. Hence, the wastes are not disposed properly and it creates barricade for the sanitation. It states that 121 million women and young girls are currently using an average of 8 disposable napkins every month in our country. Thus, it’s about 1.021 million pads were disposed monthly and 12.3 billion pads disposed annually. 113,000 tons of menstrual waste generated annually. It can able to cover a large landfill just think of the environmental consequences as it remains for about hundreds of years.

People were not known about the concerns of improper sanitary disposal. Incinerator for sanitary napkin is the feasible way to deposit it. The napkin incinerators are developed with smart intelligence technology and have auto power cut-off in it. That cut down the power once the work is completed. So, it does not consume much amount of power to function. The incinerator comes out in different size with capacity so that one can avail it based on their usage. It can be wall mounted or can be placed in the floor. The sanitary napkins are converted into ash in the way which does not make any harm to the atmosphere and human.

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