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Incinerators for sanitary napkins

Incinerators for sanitary napkins

Menstrual awareness has not been spreader widely among adolescent girls. That leads to the improper waste management. When the sanitary disposals are not handled properly it poses a major threat to the oceans, land, and human health. In our country, there are about 355 million women are menstruating. Each individual disposes 130 kg of menstrual waste. Just think of the environmental consequences if these wastes are thrown in the field. One sanitary napkin is equal to four polythene bags.

These sanitary pads remain in the land fill for about 500-800 years as they are made up of non-biodegradable particles that cannot decompose on its own. Sanitary napkin incinerator is the wise choice for depositing the soiled pads. Many girls also opted to skip schools due to lack of hygiene resources and facilities. They feel difficulty in disposing it and shy to dispose in public. Incinerators for sanitary napkins can be fixed easily inside the restroom because of its compact size. It also promotes menstrual hygiene in them. The incinerators are available in various sizes with capacities, so that, they can use accordingly on their usage. It can also be converted into portable incinerator and can be used in the place of need.

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