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Vending machine of Sanitary napkins

Vending machine of Sanitary napkins

Due to lack of knowledge about menstrual hygiene among women in our country. Traditional methods are still being followed in some villages. Using ash, soil, dried leaves during periods to absorb the menstrual flow. That cause problems related to health and in reproductive system. It is essential that women be made aware of the importance of using hygienic sanitation products to avoid infections and other health issues. By means of using unsanitary products lead to disease like vaginal infection.

With the help of vending machine of sanitary napkins one can get the napkins at an affordable price. And pads must be changed in a regular interval of four to five hours once that helps them to prevent from getting affected by infectious bacteria also, helps to improvise menstrual hygiene in an individual. That plays an effective role in their health. In general girls feel shy to ask for a napkin in common via sanitary napkin vending machine it is possible to get it and does not require anyone. This machine is most required in places like schools, colleges, hostels, bus stations, offices, hospital and shopping malls. It is our prime responsibility to provide basic sanitation facilities.

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