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Sanitary napkin disposal

Sanitary napkin disposal

Sanitary napkins are the basic right of every girl and woman. But the question of safe disposal of these pads remain as a big environmental as well as a health concern. Apart from the environmental impacts it’s likewise dangerous for people who are really handling with this dirt. Rag pickers who segregate the wastes with their bare hands are easily influenced by infectious bacteria like staphlococci and affected to diseases.It results in absence to their work.

With the help of the sanitary napkin disposal machine, napkins are destroyed at a particular temperature, and convert it into form of ash which does not cause pollution in the surrounding area and most of the girls flush out the napkins in the toilet that forms clog in the drainage, water gets stagnated thus creates a space for microbes to thrive in it. This can be avoided by placing the napkin incinerator machine. In many of the educational institutions, girls still don’t have access to functional toilets. 23% of young girls drop out of school since appropriate facilities are not provided to them. Awareness needs to be spread among them about the napkin disposal that can be a small step towards cleanliness.

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