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Vending machine sanitary pads

Vending machine sanitary pads

Menstruation is a natural, physiological function. A lot of women grow up without the knowledge of it. A large section of society considers women ‘Impure’ during menstruation. In our country about 21% of girls drop out of school when they start menstruating. Underprivileged women and girls use old clothes, newspapers and even husk sand during periods to absorb the aunt-flow. It is due to lack of awareness about hygienic menstrual practices among them. This practice cause some severe infections like Urinary tract infection.

Vending machine of sanitary pads is seems to be a timely help to the women where one can get the napkins by her own. Also, promotes menstrual hygiene in an individual. And, it is not required to carry the napkin with her all the time. The vending machine comes out in both manual and automatic types that also accept multiple coins simultaneously and tokens too. It is our fundamental duty to provide adequate hygiene facilities. Hence, UGC University Grants Commission has passed an order i.e., installation of napkin vending machine is said to be compulsory in all educational institutions. That helps the adolescent girls to come across her menstrual cycle without stress and stain free.

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