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Disposal of sanitary pads

Disposal of sanitary pads

Disposal of menstrual waste though under the usage of sanitary products is increased day-by-day due to the increasing population. On an average a single woman disposes about 150 kg of non-biodegradable menstrual waste per annum. As women are becoming more aware about the importance of hygiene sanitary products, the disposal of sanitary pads are also simultaneously increasing. But the discarding methods are not yet to be stable. Mostly they are dumped in the bins and thrown away or buried in the landfills. Disposal methods of menstrual wastes are largely depends upon the cultural belief as menstruation is considered as an impure one in our country.

Young girls in a larger number drop out their education once they receive their menarche. It is for the reason that they feel hard on those days because of lack of adequate hygiene facilities. No proper disposal methods have been carried out. Most of them flush down the pads in the toilet which creates a clog in the drainage system. Via sanitary pads disposal machine, pads are getting destroyed and turns out in form of ash that does not affect the atmosphere this seems to be a definite way to discard the sanitary pads.

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