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Sanitary Incinerator

Sanitary Incinerator

Women and girls were still shying away to dispose off the napkins because, once used they found it hard to get rid of them. Unlike in urban areas, there is no system of movement of garbage in rural India. In cities, garbage is collected from every household and transported to a landfill, but there arises a problem. When the garbage’s are collected and accumulated rag pickers segregate the wastes into biodegradable and non-biodegradable and non-biodegradable with their bare hands. When they get in to contact with the menstrual waste they are easily influenced by the microorganisms present in the sanitary pads like e-coli and affected by the diseases like sexually transmitted diseases.

The way to dispose the menstrual waste rightly is by using the sanitary incinerator. In this incinerator machine the pads are getting burned at a certain temperature and converted into form of ash that will not cause pollution in the surroundings which can be discarded easily. This machine greatly helps young girls and women to dispose their wastes accordingly in a right place and avoids embarrassment. The sanitary incinerator helps to keep our surrounding neat and clean. It is widely used in places like school, college, corporate office, and public places like bus stations, shopping malls.

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