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Napkin burner machine

Napkin burner machine

Educating girls with sound knowledge on menstruation and menstrual hygiene practices enables them handle their period with dignity. There are several factors influence difficult experiences with menstruation, including inadequate facilities and materials, menstrual pain, fear of disclosure, and inadequate knowledge about the menstrual cycle. Improper disposal of sanitary napkins create a huge problem. No proper disposal methods have been followed. On letting know them about the consequences of inappropriate disposal will be a small step to conserve our planet.

When the napkins are buried in the landfills, they remain for about 500-800 years as they are made up of non-biodegradable substances. Napkin burner machine is the finest way to discard the menstrual waste. Here, the napkins are burnt and transform it into the form of ash in the way does not cause pollution in the environment which can be disposed easily. This machine helps to keep the encompassing region clean. And it is user-friendly to that can be operated easily. It reduces the work burden of garbage collectors. Also, helps to improve menstrual hygiene in an individual. Napkin burner machine comes out in different capacities that differ based upon the number of people’s usage.

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